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Efficient 20 is designed to encourage farmers and foresters to contribute to reaching the target set by the European Union of 20% energy savings compared to the projections by 2020. The focus is put on fuel oil used in farming machinery, which represents more than 50% of the energy consumed in agricultureMore

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Our database, available on http://efficient20.eu/appfarms/, has been designed to clarify the operations encountered in agricultural and forestry work. It includes a machinery dictionary, initially created by Belgian partners, completed with forest and novel implements, and translated into 8 languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian and Polish). For example, you can read from our report section that for the 155 soil tillage operations involving a 5 furrows mounted plough, the average consumption was 18 l/ha, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 39. Many other results are available for example for beetroot harvester, 6 rows and 25 m3 or 70 to 140 hp tree feller.

144 comparative tests were performed by the 32 pilot groups supported by the project partners. The 3 main activities show an effective decrease in fuel consumption: soil tillage, harvesting and transport gather respectively 82, 16 and 24 tests. The average fuel saving per hectare is shown in graph below. This is the main indicator of the project’s results (D3.7).

The farmers and foresters involved in Efficient20 pilot groups generally appreciated the training sessions, in which we applied the following recipe: one theoretical part, not too long, but providing general principles and main variation factors, followed by one practical part, with live demonstrations or exercises. One of the most appreciated items was the eco-driving experiment, where the drivers are asked to drive “as usual”, and a second round applying the eco-driving techniques. Test bench demonstrations to understand concretely the optimum speed engine or soil tillage workshop, with different settings for the stubble cultivator, were also successful moments.

Results lessons impacts of Efficient20 are in the final publishable report. Download it !

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Counsellor’s brochure

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Advisors, farm support organisations and dealers could play a key role to help farmers and foresters to decrease the fuel consumption. This document is designed to give them some information coming...

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Put your tractors on a diet !


Fuel saving achievements from Efficient20 farmers European Farmers and Foresters involved in contributing to an intelligent Energy Nertworks towards the target of 20% reduction in fuel consumption. The focus is put...

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Centre for Agroecology & Food Security joins Efficient20

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The Centre for Agroecology and Food Security is a joint initiative between Coventry University and Garden Organic, the UK’s leading organic growing charity. CAFS brings together social and natural scientists whose...

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Lagerhaus TechnikCenter (LTC) supports eco-driving session in Wieselburg


BLT Wieselburg organized in cooperation with the Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture and LTC (agency of John Deere) a training session for fuel saving on March 12th, 2013 in Wieselburg. Nine drivers paticipated in...

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